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2018 Cargo Logistics Canada Expo & Conference

We are all excited to be exhibiting at one of the largest and busiest industry events in North America next month: The Cargo Logistics Canada: Expo and Conference.

An estimated 2,500 people will be at the Vancouver event, where third party warehousing, order fulfilment and transportation services like Suretrack offers are expected to be hot topics. Organizers have already confirmed a long list of exhibitors from some of North America’s largest manufacturers, retailers, and logistics companies, alongside our own Suretrack team.

The gathering comes at a time when the industry is really experiencing record growth. Around the world, the North American third party logistics market is expected to expand to over $270 billion USD by 2024, according to a report last fall from US-based Hexa Research.

That’s largely being driven by consumers, who are increasingly unwilling to wait for goods they have purchased online. Analysts point out the longer product is delayed in getting to the consumer, the greater the chance they will change their mind and cancel the order.

This means record demand for our third party warehousing, order fulfilment and transportation services, which work together seamlessly. It only makes sense if you stop and look at the business case.

For small, yet growing web based companies who haven’t reached the massive sales volume required to justify a warehouse, third party warehousing gives them a chance to save money and still be competitive. For example, when a customer orders online, the shipment can be pulled from our shelves, packaged and sent from our main distribution centre in Toronto and network throughout Canada, allowing us to service all destinations in less time.

Customer satisfaction and company profits both shoot way up.

It sounds simple, but the reality is far from that. At the heart of everything is our Warehouse Management System (WMS), advanced technology that keeps track of everything. We provide RF scanning to control the storage and movement of goods anywhere in the building. Our clients can monitor their products in real time with live web inventory tracking. The interface can also be customized to suit anyone’s specific needs.

Our clients point out one of the key advantages to third party warehousing and order fulfilment services is that they can ship much more cost effectively than having to invest in a network of warehouses. They can also easily scale operations during busy times like the Christmas season.

Another area where Suretrack leads the industry is working with our clients in the fashion industry, with our GOH (Garment On Hanger) services. For designers delivering their garments for a runway show, or a manufacturer in the fashion industry shipping to a retail store, the last thing you want is to have your clothing arriving all rumpled and creased.

Our specially designed hanging garment vehicles are equipped with adjustable racks that can be adjusted to fit any garment size or type. Each trailer is also loaded by hand, so clients can ensure we take the utmost care at all times.

Probably our biggest advantage, however, and a growing market is with LTL (Less-Than-Load) shipping. That’s for our clients who may not have a full tractor trailer load to ship.

Those smaller shipments have become a big market for us.

Our fleet of highly-skilled drivers is reshaping the concept that LTL freight shipping is just a commodity. We work with each client to provide highly customized solutions based on their needs, delivering more transportation options and technology than anyone else in the industry.

If you are at the Cargo Logistics Canada: Expo and Conference from February 6-8, stop by and see us at Booth 811 or check it out online at

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